I offer private tutoring lessons to deepen your skills in Finnish, German and Estonian. The lessons can be held in my home in Joensuu city center. If you wish to have lessons in your home, travel expenses will be added to the price. Lessons can also be arranged via Teams. In addition, I offer services in proofreading and translation (Finnish, German, Estonian). Scroll down to read more!


Welcome to my site!

About me

My name is Peppi Kauppila and I have always been passionate about languages and cultures. I study German and Estonian language at the University of Helsinki, I am specializing to become a subject teacher (German, Finnish for foreigners). I have completed bachelor’s degree in humanities at the University of Eastern Finland in 2023. 

As a child I lived in Estonia while my parents were working there. Later, I went to Tartu University on an exchange program and completed one of my teacher-training terms in Estonia. I completed my practical German language training courses in Austria and my DAAD Scholarship in Germany.

I utilize practical down-to-earth teaching methods and customize the lessons to suit any type of a learner. Music is an important aspect of my teaching. I can be described as a patient and friendly teacher.

If you think my lessons could be for you, please contact me via phone or email. I would be happy to tell you more!

tel. +3584578310296

Finnish         native
English         advanced
Estonian      proficient
German        advanced
Swedish        advanced


Private lessons

  37 euros/lesson (60 mins)
  • Language tutoring private lessons. If lessons are held at the student's home, travel expenses are added to the total.

Translation etc.

  • 1 page=1,500 characters. Proofreading, translation and corresponding assignments. Prices are subject to change on the scope, schedule and field of the work. 


"This woman is an amazing person - so calm, communicative, pleasant, and talented. You can talk to her in many ways and she is always trying to give you the best option for you. I asked Peppi for help with a work-interview in German language. We used a Skype call. She was very well prepared, skillful, and motivating. If I had some problem to understand, she used promptly another way. She is also a great supporter and I am really thankful for her time and passion for teaching"

Berenika Macáková
Foreign language student, Slovakia 

"Peppi proved to be a highly skilled and empathetic teacher! We were super nervous before the lessons, but she was able to teach efficiently nevertheless. Her language skills provide our multicultural family a great safety net in Finland!"

Jani Penttinen
Web designer, Finland

"Thank you, Peppi! Your lessons were interesting! You always tried to find different options that I understood the subject. I recommend Peppi as a good and professional Finnish language teacher."

Roman Polomarchuk

"Peppi Kauppila has successfully participated in the Estonian language level C1 course at the university of Tartu in the autumn and spring semesters of 2017-2018. During the course I noticed that Kauppila is enthusiastic about the Estonian language. In addition, she can use her good language skills (Finnish, Finnish dialects, German) to deepen her understanding of the Estonian language and culture. A few very interesting discussions arose on Peppi’s initiative."

Lea Jürgenstein, Graduate Diploma in Translation
Estonian language teacher at the University of Tartu

"When speaking with Peppi, I can forget that Estonian is not her native language. So smoothly and fluently speaks she! I admire her commitment to languages ​​and I am grateful that Peppi cherishes Estonian language and culture in hear heart."

Sille Holm
Estonian, entomologist at the University of Eastern Finland

"Just six months ago I couldn't have believed to able to to study at a university in Finnish! Now it's possible, all thanks to Peppi! I’m very happy with how our lessons are structured. My goal was to have intensive lessons with challenging vocabulary and practice speaking a lot. I felt like you listened to my needs and adjusted to them accordingly. Especially I like that articles that we are reading and videos that we are watching are on topics that are interesting and raise questions for engaging discussions. So, it’s not only reading to learn language and words, but learning about people and society. Kiitos!"

Anastasiia Semykin

"Her lessons are always relaxed and informal. She is very patient and waits quietly until I have found the answer. She always gives me very good advice. She accepts her students wholeheartedly and always creates a gentle and friendly atmosphere. Of course, she knows the language and how to teach it, and she makes sure that the students get what they need. I take my lessons via Skype and she uses the screen-sharing function to show me the material and also sends me materials for self-study at home. Above all, she has a very nice personality and makes the private lessons completely stress-free!"

Hiromi Hokkanen
Japanese language teacher at the Adult Education Center of Kouvola

"I like the one-to-one tuition very much. I want to understand well and learn to hold conversations. That's why I think it's particularly nice that we talk a lot. So, I can slowly get used to the normal speaking pace. The amount and difficulty of homework will fit well with the time I can invest on it. I think it's nice that we discuss our homework well. This way I can learn based on my mistakes and it is easier for me to memorize the grammar and the vocabulary. It's never boring. I can say what interests me and you are always very well prepared.

If an appointment is not possible, I don't have to skip it, but can, as an exception, postpone it to another day. As a result, I have Finnish every week and I don't forget that quickly. I really appreciate this flexibility. Thank you for your commitment. I am very happy that I can take lessons from you."

Steve Hauffe
Responsible for deliveries and quality assurance in software production, Switzerland

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